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Why Blogging is Hard
Like right now, I'm not blogging. But I'm making a short story of what happened lately (in case people are wondering whether this website is still active).

I just bought a new camera (SONY SLT-A57) which is an excellent camera for a person with photographer's eye like me. I'm also thinking of working with it, earning money with it.

Unfortunately, to be good in using a camera, you can't just read from books. You have to practice it. And in my case, I'm handicapped. Handicapped as in, no transportation and having a baby to take care of. (Be aware that I'm not posting my personal story here, I have another section for it). If I want to use the camera properly, I have to go out. And going out requires my husband (who owns a car) to have some days off, which usually during his weekend.

We're living in a city with the worst unpredictable weather due to the amount of population and pollution. Therefore, for example, this has been the worst week, raining the whole day for the whole week. But, last week was so bright and sunny even though my husband was too busy to take me out anywhere so I ended up stranded at home.

So I created another blog (or a photojournal) which is also my portfolio, only for the pictures that I took while using the camera. I realized that I may not have so much time to spend on writing, seeing how long have I 'abandoned' this site. And if I feel like chilling out, I'd just play The Sims 3 and write my progress of the game inside its own blog.

Now with the camera which I'm still practicing on, plus the baby, I have very few ample time to spend on blogging. Especially on unnecessary rants about daily life and other people's. I end up writing on more serious stuff on my photojournal instead of here. Why? Because I don't feel like rewriting the same stuff I wrote there to here or vice versa. So anything that has to do with the camera, I'd write there.

So when I have time to write there, I don't have time to write here. Simple. I did discover some great recipes which I took pictures of using the new camera, which I should post here, not the other one since this site has Recipe category, but I just can't find the time. Still wondering how do I have time to post this one though.

My baby girl is already 2 years old. She eats double the amount she used to. She even eats more than me. I have to cook and clean all the time. I don't like making extra food and place them inside the fridge since my fridge is very unreliable. So much food being thrown away already.

My husband comes home at 7pm. Usually, my time of leisure ends at 6PM as I have to already start preparing dinner and then spend some time with him later. Means, NO blogging. My whole day is spent on the baby. And when I feel like doing something productive, I'd paint or use the camera again.

Therefore, no time to blog. Every time I open this page, wanting to write something, the baby might spill her milk all over the place so by the time I come back to writing, I have already forgotten what to write. So I just close the page, and go back to my usual chores.

Well since I know now that my time is limited, I shall use this site for updating necessary events that are not related to the camera. Right now I have to go back to work on my drafts. Hopefully, I can somehow show this site is not dead yet.

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