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Berikut adalah jadual makanan semasa berpantang selepas bersalin, mengikut pengalaman Hidayah Jalil.
Parenting/Childbirth | Views: 1354 | Author: Hidayah Jalil | Added by: Scha | Date: 15/09/2011 | Comments (0)

When a baby becomes extremely sensitive to mom’s comings and goings, and starts wailing her heart out whenever mom's not present—separation anxiety is often the culprit. While separation anxiety is a normal part of development, the emotional rollercoaster ride it takes moms and children on isn't easy to endure. Here Circle of Moms members share 5 helpful tips for surviving it.
Parenting/Childbirth | Views: 827 | Author: The Circle of Moms Editors | Added by: Scha | Date: 12/09/2011 | Comments (0)