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SPCA Melaka
I've read about this issue last year, regarding SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Melaka that had some problems with the funds. There were too many abandoned dogs and cats that needed care, but the society couldn't gather enough money and help from other people to keep the shelter running.

Unfortunately, they might be closing down the shelter soon, probably by end of December 2011. What will happen to those animals??

Melaka itself lacks many of things, most likely because of no support. Things that I've been looking forward to find especially a donation center and recycle center, where I can drop off some of my goods that I don't need anymore. Surprisingly, Melaka doesn't have those!

And now it's going to lose the only pet shelter too. I know this society runs mainly on donations, but apparently people start to donate less!

The website for SPCA Melaka has stopped running too. I can't seem to find better details about it.

I wish I could do something, but I just moved to Melaka, trying to settle down with everything, and I can't afford pets yet, or funding anything. So the least I could do is spreading the story around.

SPCA Melaka needs help from public. Urgent!

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Please, please donate if you can! The society needs approximately RM8000 to keep the shelter running. New cages will cost RM250 each. This is the truth, because I spent the same amount for a pet cage for my Persian cat, Bella Luna.

To adopt a dog, the fee is RM200. While for a cat, it's RM70. They will be spayed or neutered before adoption, including vaccination and deworming.

If you have any inquiries, you can reach Ms. Angeline at 016-2714873. She's the Vice President of SPCA Melaka.

This shelter has always needed help from the public. I really hope it can continue doing the good deeds towards the stray animals. They are living creatures too. Please have a heart.

It is located at:

Lot 1115, Lorong Kapten Nekmat,
75050 Semabok,
Melaka, Malaysia.

Phone: 06-2686261

Thank you so much for reading and sharing. And donating if possible.

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