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Story of Asma

This is Asma, a 14-year-old girl from Malvani, Malad, Mumbai.

In the month of May 2011, she was kidnapped by 5 men from the same locality.

She was in captivity in the same area.

Report was made to police but of no use.

She was raped innumerable of times by those 5 men.

But after 2 or 3 months, they lost interest in her.

Now they started to point fingers to one another, "Who will spend money for her food??"

As a result, she was given a vada-pav in 4 or 5 days.

5 months later, people found her abandoned in a garden.

She was a bag of bones.

She was operated, and doctors found pieces of paper, mud, soil and stones in her stomach.

She was hungry. She ate up the paper in which the vada-pav was given. She also chewed on her own dress.

People were unable to explain her situation.

She passed away on 14th November 2011 (Childrens' Day).

  1. This story didn't get into media because of political reasons.
  2. Police was busy on politics and rich people.
  3. Hopefully this story is being passed around and shared.
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6 Scha  
This happens when politics take too much control over the country and people who voice out their opinions can even get jailed.

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5 billy  
this is a shame for our country none fo them r doing their duties police,media or government.i just want that 4 people to hanged then may be asma's soul can rest in peace.

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4 Shraddha Mishra  

wake up...before the catastropy happens///
They who are stopping this case infront of MEDIA...ARE THE WORST ENEMIES OF ASMA...these butchers don't even Know...that instead of raising VOICE...they are supporting the KILLERS....first of all they should be HANGED!!!

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3 sanyakhan  
mere khala wahi reheti hai jaha se ye ladki uthai gai

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2 efa  
sedih..kejam gile.. camtu je ending die, elok2 comel sihat..tetiba jd rangka..jahat.. :(

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1 You  
tu la dunia, makin buruk dan bertambah buruk.

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