Tuesday, 23/07/2024, 12:31:43 PM
Welcome, Guest
It's a random site that I'm still not sure of what it's about.

On this site, you're free to:
  1. troll on the forums
  2. post up your disagreements, frustrations, anger on anything of your life, the world, politics, etc.
  3. publish your own articles (in categories) on any topic as long as you make it proper
  4. share your stories, personal experiences, etc. using Publisher by choosing Stories category
  5. submit your photos on related albums
  6. advertise your buying and selling lists
  7. write in the shared blog
  8. discuss topics with other users regarding anything such as your school, your school teacher, or your schoolmates

Do not:
  1. flame another user of the site
  2. use bad words (or censor them with * or something)
  3. submit nude or pornographic pictures
  4. spam advertisements, posts, anything, just don't spam 

I will add more soon. If you don't like the template, yes, I don't like it too, but it's only temporary.

Have fun! ^^