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Tiger Invaded Pizza Hut in Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa
Yesterday, we went to spend papa's day off having some nice lunch. We roamed around Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa to check for restaurants (also to pay the bills at Post Office there), and shops to buy mama's painting tools.

We stopped at Pizza Hut. There was a tiger there waiting to attack.

But the tiger was slow because she was hungry. So, we placed her on the seat, and gave her a piece of sandwich that we brought from home.

We ordered a set of Chunky Loaded Pizza, and a bowl of Char-grilled Chicken Baked Rice, plus a glass of ice lemon tea for the tiger.

While waiting, they gave us Garlic Bread and Mushroom Soup as an appetizer. The tiger ate happily but not for very long before she started to feel bored and went touching anything she saw around the seat.

Our food arrived at last! The Chunky Loaded Pizza looked very delicious. It is said to have 10 different layers of yummy goodies on it.

However, we expected too much. It wasn't as good as what is written on the menu. It had layers but more or less spread all over the pizza so it has different taste on each bite. It didn't fit our tastes, but I bet many people will love it, especially if you love chicken or beef pie.

The Char-grilled Chicken Baked Rice is still the best. 

For RM7, this is what I can say the right choice for me when going out to find something to eat. Very worth it. Good job Pizza Hut! I loved it before, and still loving it. It's full of mushrooms, chicken pieces, cheese, and onions inside. The next time I come to Pizza Hut again, I'll definitely order the same one.

The tiger, however, got grumpy seeing all the nice yummies. She didn't like much the rice, but she loved the crust of the pizza. And afterwards, she ordered us to bring her the ice lemon tea. When she saw how we used the straw, she got curious and wanted to try it out too. It occurs that yesterday is the first day she sucked drink using the straw, something she never did know how to do. Not for very long though, she went back drinking from the glass rather than using the straw.

But the ice lemon tea was too sour! She didn't want to drink anymore, and I had to finish it.

We thought maybe we could bring the tiger for a fun ride. There is a Kiddie Car that you can borrow from the receptionist counter inside Jusco. 

Apparently, the tiger didn't like it that much. Not so much fun! Especially when she was tied there with belt. She couldn't escape anymore, so she started struggling to get off and begging for us to set her free.

We carried her around instead. Since the tiger is so cute, we brought her home. She fell asleep on my lap inside the car.

When she woke up, she got confused how did she move from Kiddie Car to a sofa. 

But she was too sleepy to think. She went back to sleep. 

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