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Tiger Invaded Our House!
Who'd expect to see the little tiger again.

This time she invaded our new house! First, she chomped my toothbrush.

And then, she got attracted to our bottle of Fanta Strawberry drink! Oh no!

After that, she took a PSP and placed it inside a umm.. scoop? Lol, been trying to find what it means in English, but apparently, I got it wrong even in Malay. So who knows what it is exactly called, please let me know!

And she followed us to the Secret Recipe! We got great deals for lunch, plus two free drinks, so why not. Papa grabbed the little tiger and took a picture with her.

I usually take my Mango cake, but this time, I tried Macadamia White Chocolate. Not bad, but I didn't like the nuts. 

That is how we spent time together with little tiger on papa's birthday. She got too tired afterwards, and slept on my lap while bringing her home inside the car, to keep her as a cute pet.

*date of entry is based on when the pics were taken. I didn't have internet back then.
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