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The Enchanted Well
Once upon a time, a very poor photographer went for sightseeing inside an enchanted forest. She brought along a camera, BenQ DC-X835, to take pictures of the birds. After a while, she came across an enchanted well. And as she looked too close to check what was inside the well, her camera fell off down the well that was full of water. Suddenly, a fairy appeared on the water surface. 

The fairy asked, "Did you drop your camera?"

"Yes, I did," said the photographer.

"Which one did you drop?" The fairy had a Nikon D7000 in her right hand, and an Olympus E-P1 in her left hand.

"Err..." said the photographer. "Neither of those. I dropped a BenQ DC-X835."

"You are an honest person," said the fairy. "I shall now grant you all the cameras. Your old one, and these new ones I have."

The photographer got so excited. Too excited that she had a heart attack and died on the spot.

The end.

Moral of the story: Don't dream too much.

BenQ DC-X835

Nikon D700

Olympus E-P1

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