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Cherish our Men
My own experience. My husband is not a sweet-talker. In fact, he talks like a jerk sometimes. Maybe he never had any experiences with girls in the past? But his actions tell otherwise.

He dragged me to a store, and asked me to pick a watch. He knew I lost my watch some months ago, so he wanted to replace it with a new one. 

He doesn't enjoy the hobbies I have. This makes things difficult. We hardly can find things that we can do together. But he remembers to buy things to add to my collection.

He doesn't even get silly jokes. But he knows I love them. So he buys me comics.

Chores? He tries to help with the chores. Even after placing the broomstick the wrong way (causing it to deform into a mustache), he's doing what he can anyway.

We got problems with food. But he tries to adapt to my favorites, even when they're the things he hates the most.

Lately we always run out of movies to watch together. So he is forced to watch my Chinese movies. He doesn't mind at all.

He's doing his best to be a good father to our baby girl. Even when it costs him some cash. Even when it requires a lot of patience.

So in the end, if you happen to be with a man who doesn't tell you if he loves you or not, you can just read that from how he treats you at home and the sacrifices he does.

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1 You  
Exactly. smile Remember the song 'How do you know?' from Enchanted?

2 Scha  
tol tol tongue

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