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There is No Good Samaritan in China
It is already a wonder why in some countries, there is an increasing number of newborns abandoned and left to die.

While in China, people are too heartless to even help a toddler, or at least even call an ambulance, after seeing the poor child being run over twice by a van and a truck, with blood coming out from her mouth and nose.

Her father, Wang, was busy working inside one of the shops, while her mother, was doing the laundry. Had any of the neighbors reported the incident immediately to them, the toddler wouldn't have to get injured this critically. Now she is treated in the hospital, still in coma, but the doctors already said that she is 'brain dead', and most likely won't survive.

If the society keeps on being like this, the toddler, Yue Yue's case won't be the last one.

Fortunately, Yue Yue was rescued by a scavenger, Chen Xianmei, who just followed her conscience and thought of nothing else other than taking the toddler away from the street.

Conscience is something that is not taught. If the Chinese are blaming the government and laws for the reason why they didn't stop to help the poor child, one of them must have at least took the effort to call for an ambulance or just inform her parents. Then, do they have any conscience at all? 

The van driver who hit and run over Yue Yue called the family to offer them money. Just as long as they don't turn him in. But will money bring Yue Yue back? Even if she lives, she won't be a normal child anymore. Her whole life ahead will be much different.

And this is not the only case. Right on the day next, a person was drowning and none of Chinese around sought for help. One rescuer came and she wasn't even a Chinese. She was American. However, she didn't leave her name. The people there just waited for the victim to drown in the water.

Yes, they can blame the laws that if they help people during accidents, they could get fined, prosecuted, and such. But what about conscience? Doesn't anyone at all ever feel like they should just rush to help because the other person is in so much pain? What is REALLY stopping them from doing so?

And this time, the victim is not a cat or a dog. It's human, and a very helpless little girl too.

*Update: According to the news today, the toddler has passed away.

The van driver most probably hit the poor child twice, with hope that she'd die. Because in China, the penalty you get if you hit a person and killed him/her, is much lesser than hitting and causing injury to the person.

Still, this didn't answer my question to why 18 people that saw Yue Yue on the street, never thought of saving her life.

DISTURBING VIDEO BELOW: Recorded from a CCTV where the incident happened.

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