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Tips for Shopping
  1. As always, the shopping list. Write down every little thing needed to buy. Put a short note like 'Buy if Sale' so you know which items to buy just in case they are on sale.
  2. Never do last minute shopping. It's never worth it. If you have a husband/wife that works 12 hours a day and has only 30mins in the morning after the shop opens, then DON'T go shopping at all. You'll make dozens of mistakes, like buying something not in the list, not bringing the list at all, not bringing the recyclable shopping bag (which makes you have to pay for every plastic bag later), buying broken or expired items (will waste your time later having to return them, or just won't have time to return them anymore), leaving behind some items when you don't notice them (because you forgot to bring your shopping bag, didn't want to pay for plastic bags, so you chose to carry the items by hand), and many more.
  3. If you're buying canned goods or anything like that, check the ingredients. The price may be much cheaper than other brands, but check the first ingredient that are listed. For example, carrot juice, if 'water' comes first, it means that item contains more water than anything else. So, it may be wiser to spend just a little bit more on some other brand of carrot juice that contains more carrot inside. 
  4. Also remember to check for allergy advice. Usually, the manufacturer writes down on each product regarding allergy, in case the product contains gluten, nuts, or other common compounds known to trigger allergies.

Okay, that's all for now. Might add more soon. Have fun shopping!
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