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Zynga CastleVille on Facebook
Today I tried out CastleVille on Facebook.

It's not bad at all. Worth the wait. But the graphic is pretty high that my pc can't handle it.

You can do many quests.

You can also buy and feed animals.

There are also empty farm plots in case you feel like farming.

Browse the market if you feel like spending.

Explore gloomed areas in order to expand your kingdom.

And by exploring, you may find new characters to add into your kingdom. 

I love it because:

  1. The graphic is really good. The colors are vivid and the characters are cute. It feels like playing an MMORPG.
  2. It's user-friendly. Doesn't lag much when doing tasks. I can click on an animal and on another without delays.
  3. Very interesting characters. For example, Rafael The Romancer. And the next one should be a magician.
I dislike it because:
  1. Graphic is probably too high for slow computers. But then I'm not sure. I tried to reduce it to lower quality but nothing changed.
  2. It's just another typical Facebook game that will ask you to add friends from time to time (pop-ups), and also for recruiting (positions inside your kingdom).

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