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The Sims Social
Today should be the 10th day of me playing The Sims Social on Facebook. I purposely named my Sim Josh Groban, and customized his looks just as the real Josh Groban.

I wasn't so interested about playing it at first, but my mother and brothers could use an extra neighbor. So I thought I could just give it a try, and disappear for good just like I did with FrontierVille. In fact, I added the same neighbors I had in FrontierVille, the ones I created with alternate Facebook accounts to share with my mother.

In no time, I was already in a relationship called 'Inseparable Soul Mates' with one of my alternate Sims, and 'BFFs' with another. The good thing of this browser game is that I don't have to add so many random people as friends just for being neighbors with them. I have been practically playing alone, only seldom posting on my wall when I needed some items in order to gain achievements.

Earning Simoleons is also very easy. I just have to spam practicing music, cooking, writing, or painting during 'Inspired' mode. To become 'Inspired', I just click on the buttons that indicate Social, Fun, Hunger, Hygiene, Bladder, and Sleep. The Sim will automatically interact with objects in the house. This can be done repeatedly until the buttons go very green to indicate that they have been fulfilled to the maximum. For Social, however, it is best done when visiting a neighbor. So, the Sim will go for social interactions with the neighbor's Sim and consume 1 energy point each time. I always make sure I spend all my energy points on upgrading skills while being Inspired. There is 15 energy points in total.

Unfortunately, probably because this game is still new, technical issues occur sometimes. The game might be stuck while loading, or will direct you to an error screen. Also during gameplay, I experience "Oops, we hit a snag" and I have to press the Reload button. It's such a shame if you've been spending time decorating house or completing missions when this happens because they won't be saved and you'll have to redo everything.

Recently, I noticed that my mother had been sending me requests to become Close Friends with my Sim. Every time I entered the game and saw the requests, my relationship with my mother didn't change. I was wondering why, so I tested on one of my alternate Sims. Apparently, if you have a list of requests, you are forced to accept the relationship request first than any other requests. If you have more than one relationship requests, then pick one you want the most. If you accept other requests before relationship requests, all those relationship requests won't work and you'll have to wait 3 days until the neighbors send new ones.

In Build mode, it is quite tricky to position the rooms as I want. They can't be rotated while purchasing, and after they're purchased, I have to be lucky to find the right spot where I can rotate them around. They won't rotate while dragging if there are things blocking, and even if they do, they will turn back to their original positions. Same goes to furniture. In my case, now that I have less space on my lot, I have to plan properly where to place my rooms. If you check the picture below, I was planning to make a closed garden with the house building around it. But since I can't rotate the room (2x8), I could only place it where it was and the garden is open like there is an entrance. I can't even move the pond around because there is not enough space to rotate it. I hope the people in charge of this game will fix this problem soon.

For now that's all the good and bad sides I discovered of The Sims Social. I might add more soon if I acquire more information. Enjoy the game!

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