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Maple Story Adventures
Recently I started playing Maple Story Adventures on Facebook. One of my friends was playing it, and I saw the notice on News Feed. Since I was already beginning to feel bored with The Sims Social, I thought maybe I could give Maple Story Adventures a try.

It was so much fun! It reminds me of the old times. The game is just like another MMORPG, but you require energy points for every action you do. Even when you get hit by a monster, 1 energy point will be consumed. But this does not apply to collecting materials in the maps. Once in a while, you will encounter something you can gather. They appear as treasure boxes, fruits, etc.

The monsters drop a lot of coins. So, earning money is not a problem. You can also craft at an NPC called Yulete, where you can trade some items (magic stones, elixir, etc.) for money, for a certain amount of time. Then, of course, the gears are pricey to buy. You can also get other items from crafting.

You may call your friends for help while training. Only one friend per time, but they do help a lot especially when you need to kill bosses. I usually go for Emily who is an NPC as well, since she is always the same level as I am. She can do better damages and block them more often than any other friends I have.

Learning skills is quite costly. Every upgrade requires some money and Skill Permits that you need to ask from friends as gifts. What is even more annoying is that to learn other skills, I need to invite more friends to play the game. I don't have so many friends, so it's not so easy to just invite anyone. 

Quests are very satisfying to do. They give nice rewards, usually experience points and money, but doing quests are very interesting. You get to explore new maps and encounter new monsters. 

I wonder how to get a pet, since the only ones I saw were in an NPC that cost me real money. But I'm sure, I can tame them by killing the same type many many times. It is written in the Collection Book how many monsters there are to be encountered, registered and so on.

After all the game is pretty new. I'm glad that I can play an MMORPG again without having to install it. You should give it a try too.

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