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Nasi Kandar Pinang Besar
For dinner tonight, we went for a second time to Restoran Nasi Kandar Pinang Besar. If you're unsure which restaurant I'm talking about, it is located along Jalan Tun Fatimah (if not wrong), which is also on the same road for the entrance of Giant Hypermarket.

This time I noticed that they serve 3 layer tea. Recalling the one I had at Subaidah was pretty good in taste, I ordered for it again.

It looked more 3 layer to me. And it was so refreshing!

My husband wanted a plate of Nasi Goreng Pattaya. However, they don't serve that anymore. How disappointing. We came all the way for that since it's his favorite. We knew already that they don't have Naan anymore, but Nasi Goreng Pattaya too??

So we ended up taking 2 plates of Nasi Beriani, with one serving of mutton curry. My husband said it would taste good if it was newly cooked. The mutton tasted like it had been heated up again. I wonder. But one thing for sure, it wasn't so easy to cut the meat into pieces while holding a sleeping baby on one arm.

As soon as the baby woke up, we ordered capathi for her. I know she'd prefer roti canai better, but it's not a healthy choice.  And also a glass of iced milo which she loves the most when we eat outside.

It is really obvious that lately we're eating outside feeding 3 people, no longer 2 like before. As the baby grows up, she eats even more.

It's sad to see the restaurant not having many choices in the menu. They still have the old list of food I guess. Didn't update. Or they think that maybe they'll serve those again?

They have customers. Maybe not a swarm of them, but still not empty (we have been to an empty restaurant). The workers always keep the restaurant clean.

They have free wifi, big TV. Hopefully they can come up with better menu in the future because we really would like to try the Naan here.

We spent RM19+ for 3 people. Not bad, right? For sure we ate like mad and went home with full tummy. 

*this is only a review made by a customer (me) that has no intention to hurt anyone. So if you feel like dumping your emotional comments here, don't even think of it. I've had enough with people thinking I'm offending someone (your friends or your lawyers, etc.). 
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