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3 Layer Tea at Subaidah MITC Melaka
It was my youngest brother Azam's birthday celebration yesterday and we just had to choose between Crocodile Farm, Secret Recipe, or something else.

Uh. I personally would choose a cake from Secret Recipe, and drag him to the Crocodile Farm. But unfortunately, on our way there, it began to rain.

So my dad who was driving the other car, called me up by cellphone, to let us know that they'd stop by Mydin near MITC instead. My mom wanted to get some groceries.

Oh my, wasn't it the biggest Mydin market I've ever been to. The Penang one looked so old. While this one is as big as Tesco.

It even felt like browsing for stuff to buy in Tesco, with an exception that the prices are a lot cheaper.

And afterwards, Azam was giving hints that he wanted a cake. However, my dad thought it wasn't such a great idea, since it was getting dark, and he should be driving back to Penang already since he would be working on the next day. Boo hoo! I want cakes!

But well, we stopped by Subaidah. It was the same Subaidah restaurant I went with some old friends when I was still living in Melaka, 7 years ago. The environment is also still the same. 

Now they have 3 layer tea. My mom was being pushy, I got tempted and wanted to try. 

But I failed in mixing the Gula Melaka from the bottom of the glass. I drank half glass then I noticed that I didn't mix the sugar properly. The drink became too sweet.

I stole some from my husband. It was so nice!!! I'd definitely get it again next time if I come here.

Not for my family. They already jumped on the food. I guess they're already used with the drink.

This includes the baby. She was begging for some pasembur. And she ate around 5 pieces of them. 

Azam had already forgotten about his birthday. He ate 3 portions of Indian food. What a life.

My husband took naan and tandoori chicken. The naan is actually smaller than our usual naan in Batu Berendam. 

Subaidah is still the same in any state you go. They have a wide variety of food to be chosen from the menu.

And what more, it's affordable! They leave happy faces on us. Yummy food + good price = happy. Maybe not so happy when you check your cholesterol level later, but that's later to think!

Even a baby like Alisha can appreciate food like this! She was falling asleep on my lap because her tummy was full.

So if you feel like trying out Indian food, I'd suggest Subaidah. Anywhere you go. You can try it out just to check whether it's worth the money. Or else, you can always go to more exclusive Indian restaurants. 

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2 green_pearl  
I remember that one time, me and my friends drove to melaka just to find something to eat for supper. Last2 tgk semua kedai da tutup except for mcD.. but we dun dare to go eat there cuz dekat lantai ada vomit laa mcm2.. so we stuck at 7E and slept dekat masjid.

The thing I wanted to share with you is the breakfast we had on the next morning. At this one place, (I can't remember where dang) OMG we tried out this tokyo murtabak la and any other food with interesting names. AND GUESS WHAT?? On top of murtabak they put banana, orange with mayonaise and chili sauce. I think my friend got the one with gummy bears and ICE CREAM!!! AND YES IT'S ON TOP OF MURTABAK with fries!!! ahahahahah. I think I still have pictures of it!! Melaka got sell those weird dish I tell you!!!! Since xnk membazir punye pasal, all of us actually finish them all. Siyott punye restaurant. Hahah

3 Scha  
kat situ ade naan strawberry. imagine makan naan strawberry cicah ngan kuah kari. mesti lawak rasenye

1 You  

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