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Statement: Today everyone is treated equally.
I would rather say that I disagree with the statement. It is so obvious that everyone is not treated equally in this life.

In America, black people are not treated the way white people are treated. Black people are not allowed to eat in many restaurants. Though the government had held a march in Washington D.C. to celebrate the achievement of civil rights movement, and remind people that everyone in the country must be treated equally, but many people say that this country still has a long way to go. Many blacks are still treated unfairly because of their race.

In many Asian countries, foreigners are treated as if they are invaders. Even worse if the locals see a white foreigner holding hands with a native girl. These foreigners are usually harassed in some ways, either verbally or physically. Some can also lead to murder, being mugged, or beaten up to a pulp. The natives believe one Asian must never become too close to an outsider or else they both will get into trouble. There is very few people that try to prevent this, but most of them just do not care.

Sometimes, people are treated from the way they look. Someone who is ugly is usually left behind in many things. They will not be interviewed for some jobs like secretary, steward, restaurant waiter, entertainer, public relations, and many more. I think people should be employed based on their skills, abilities, and education levels, not because they look pretty or handsome. They can always change the way they look with some make-ups and suitable outfits. Being not good-looking should not be a reason why you cannot achieve the highest you can.

There are also some sexists saying that women are laggards. That is just wrong. There are so many things that women can do on this earth. Other than women can become what men can, they are chosen to bear children. Raising kids can never proof a woman is incapable because it requires a lot of attention, patience, and multitasking ability. Women are not treated well even after all that in most countries. They are forced to stay cooped up at home, not knowing what is happening out there. In some places, they are not even sent to school because it is believed that women are less important than men.

Usually, rich people are given more attention from public. Many people enjoy hanging out with rich people because they can always give good treats with their money. What about the poor and less fortunate people? Only a few will notice that there are some families in the country living in small huts and wooden houses with so many children, where there is no water and electricity, no enough food to eat for the day. This problem can be seen clearly in some countries, where the rich can go as rich as they can, and the poor will just go poorer and poorer because no actions taken to help them.

Everyone should not be individualistic and look around to see what is going on with other people. The matter is that people have been so selfish and never intend to help anybody.
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