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Different Town, Different Mentality
I just hope people don't put too high rent because they think they want some money to cover their installments =/ in the end I can stay until the installments is done, but I won't become the owner of the house, right? It's a long term investment that u earn after u finished paying the installments, u rent it away.

I feel very sad. I have a large double storey house here in Melaka. The owner is paying 1200 every month for his installments and we pay only 800 for rent. When I asked him how come, he said "in the end it's my house. sooner or later it will be my house, i dont mind spending for it." It's very rare to find an owner around KL who understands this statement. This house costs 260000 if u buy, while in Palm Spring as I checked, only 210000. I don't see why anyone should put so much higher price in rent only because of their installments. 

People need shelter, need home. You can't make people blow their salary on a house. What will they eat? Pasir?

It's different if we BUY the house. Then if we eat pasir, who cares. We want the house anyway.

We EAT pasir only for shelter. Not even owning the house.

Not fair, right? But that's how people in KL think.

Like anything. Near Ikea, near whatsoever, near 1utama. Bla bla bla. U go 1utama and The Curve everyday? So that's why u have to blow all your money for the apartment?

In term of convenience, it is WAY more convenient here in Riverville. Hospital is one-way road. Got airport here, close enough that u can see the planes taking off. Tesco and Jusco are just at the junction, so u can do your groceries. Running out of budget? Save up more by spending at Mydin nearby. All HERE! And the owner doesn't even ask us to pay 200-300 more only because of convenience.

Oh. "I have to pay maintenance fee! That rent doesn't include maintenance fee yet!"

So the tenant have to be responsible for that. Not even our house. We just help taking care of it. And yet still have to pay for maintenance fee.

Ok whatever. Say whatever u want. I just can't wait to move out from KL. At least in Melaka, people don't take parkings reserved for OKU. In KL, they ALL do.

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